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국제저명학술지 (SSCI, SCI, SCIE)

Coincidence of cooperative game theoretic solutions in the appointment problem (International Journal of Game Theory, 45.3, 699-708)
Youngsub Chun, Nari Park, Duygu Yengin
201608 (online published 201503) 

Nonparametric Tests of Conditional Treatment Effects with anApplication to Sin g le - Sex Schooling on Academic Achievements (The Econometrics Journal, 18.3,  307–346)
Minsu Chang, Sokbae Lee, Yoon-Jae Whang

A characterization of the symmetrically balanced VCG rule in the queueing problem (Games and Economic Behavior)
Youngsub Chun, Manipushpak Mitra, Suresh Mutuswami
online published 201504 

Overseas factories, domestic employment, and technological hollowing out: a case study of Samsung's mobile phone business (Review of World Economics , 151.3, 461–475)
Keun Lee, Moosup Jung

Social values and economic dynamics (Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 53, 69-84)
Yong Jin Kim, Chul-In Lee

SPECIFICATION TESTS FOR LATTICE PROCESSES (Econometric theory, 31.2, 294-336)
Javier Hidalgo, Myung Hwan Seo
DOI: ttps://

Hicksian separability does not hold over space: Implications for the design of household surveys and price questionnaires (Journal of development economics, 114, 34-40)
John Gibsona, Bonggeun Kim

Do latecomer firms rely on ‘recent’ and ‘scientific’ knowledge more than incumbent firms do? Convergence or divergence in knowledge sourcing (Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, 23.1, 129-145)
Jinhyuck Park(참여대학원생), Keun Lee
Does openness lead to sustained economic growth? Export growth versus other variables as determinants of economic growth (Journal of the Asia-Pacific Economy, 20.3, 345-368)
Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake, Keun Lee
An Exploratory Study on the Transition from OEM to OBM: Case Studies of SMEs in Korea (Industry and Innovation, 22.5, 423-442)
Keun Lee, Jaeyong Song & Jooyoung Kwak
Comparing the productivity impacts of knowledge spillovers from network and arm’s length industries: findings from business groups in Korea (Industrial and Corporate Change, 25.3, 407-427)
Keun Lee,  Kineung Choo,  Minho Yoon
Online Published 201507
Complexity and repeated implementation (Journal of Economic Theory, 158. A, 259-292)
Jihong Lee, Hamid Sabourian

Efficient assignment with interdependent values (Journal of Economic Theory, 158. A, 54-86)
Yeon-Koo Che, Jinwoo Kim , Fuhito Kojima

Optimal monetary policy in a currency union with interest rate spreads (Journal of International Economics, 96.2, 375–397)
Saroj Bhattarai, Jae Won Lee , Woong Yong Park

Structural Break Models under Misspecification and Implication for Forecasting (Journal of Econometrics, 188.1, 166-181)
Bonsoo Koo, Myung Hwan Seo

INTERNATIONAL MACROECONOMIC FLUCTUATIONS (Macroeconomic Dynamics, 19.7,  1509-1539)
Soyoung Kim, Jaewoo Lee

Imbalances over the Pacific (Journal of Macroeconomics, 45,  173–185)
Soyoung Kim, Jaewoo Lee

Reexamining the Exchange Rate Exposure Puzzle by Classifying Exchange Rate Risks into Two Types  (Global Economic review, 45.2,  116-133)
Sammo Kang, Soyoung Kim, Jeong Wook Lee
online published 201508 

Country Characteristics and the Effects of Government Consumption Shocks on the Current Account and Real Exchange Rate  (Journal of International Economics, 97.2,  436-447)
Soyoung Kim

Industrial Characteristics and Employment of Older ManufacturingWorkers in the Early-Twentieth-Century United States (Social Science History, 39.4, 551-579)
Chulhee Lee
online published 201512 

Prices, Engel Curves, and Time-Space Deflation: Impacts on Poverty and Inequality in Vietnam (The World Bank Economic Review, 97.2,  436-447)
John Gibson,  Trinh Le,  Bonggeun Kim
online published 201601 

Using Panel Data to Precisely Estimate Income Under-Reporting by the Self‑Employed (Journal of International Economics, 85.1, 41–64)
Bonggeun Kim, John Gibson, Chul Chung
online published 201509 

Who should bear the resource cost of electronic transaction?  (Journal of Macroeconomics, 47. B, 270–280)
Young Sik Kim, Manjong Lee
online published 201512 

When an Importer’s Protection of IPR Interacts with an Exporter’s Level of Technology: Comparing the Impacts on the Exports of the North and South  (World Economy, 39.6,  772–802)
Wonkyu Shin, Keun Lee, Walter G. Park
online published 201510 

Agglomeration, Search Frictions, and Growth of Cities in Developing Economies (Annals of Regional Science, 55.4,  421-451)
Chul-In Lee

The separability principle in single-peaked economies with participation constraints (Mathematical social sciences, 78,  69-75)
Sunyoung Kima, Gustavo Bergantiños, Youngsub Chun

Reserve Price Effects in Auctions: Estimates from Multiple Regression-Discontinuity Designs (Economic Inquiry, 54.1, 294-314)
Syngjoo Choi, Lars Nesheim, Imran Rasul

Animal Spirits and the Business Cycle: Empirical Evidence from Moment Matching (Metroeconomica, online published)
Tae-Seok Jang, Stephen Sach


Limited Catch-up in China’s Semiconductor Industry: A Sectoral Innovation System Perspective (millennial Asia, 6.2,  147-175)
Sungho Rho, Keun LeeSeong Hee Kim(참여대학원생)

Heterogeneous expectations leading to bubbles and crashes in asset markets: Tipping point, herding behavior and group effect in an agent-based model (Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 1.12,  147-175)
Sunyoung Lee(참여대학원생), Keun Lee

An Empirical Investigation of Exchange Rate Pass through to Consumer Price in Ethiopia (1981-2013) (Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 6.14, 27-36)
Fetene Bogale Hunegnaw(참여대학원생)



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